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Community is a trustworthy entity that promotes collaboration and innovation within the digital Landscape, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose among its members.


P2P support system For crowd funding program with Social welfare


We help our members according to their needs

Game Zone

Smart Features a catalog of the most exciting, innovative, and rewarding blockchain & Crypto enabled games.


E-commerce With accepting cryptocurrency their online stores.


We will launch or cryptocurrency with Fully white paper Smart contract base crypto.


Simply and securely buy, sell, and manage of crypto-currencies

Trading Bot

Trading Bot is software that helps you automate your trading strategies.

Utility Services

Utility services are services provided

Community metaverse

virtual world for socializing, commerce, and Cooperation.

Our Activities

Helped all the people, being influenced by it, further helped the person who helped, in this way a chain went ahead and people were very impressed by it, now it works as a crowdfund P to P support system, where a person help other person.

Crowd funding

P2P Donation & reward program

Members of our community support each other Donation & reward Program through P2P, this sequence goes on continuously. And members develop in each other’s Fundraising based on mutual consent such as Auto pool, rewards, equity etc.


Help our members their needs

Members in the community help each other, help is given to them when needed. Also, according to the rule of our unity, if you earn money through any means, then 1% is deposited in the welfare of the community, which is used You can do it in Community Welfare.

Gaming & Esports

Enjoy your Moment

You can also raise money by playing different types of games on this platform. Also you can enjoy your leisure time. You can also earn money by playing games here.

Crypto Coin

Self currency (crypto) financial system

Our community has its own currency & coin system. The use of which is used to expand their income, transactions and use all kinds of virtual Cash. It is completely convertible and can be sale and Buy on all exchanges. If you want you can also convert coin into your Currency by going to the exchange separately.

Trading Bot

Algorithms your trading strategies

You can trade on crypto exchange with trading bot's robot, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, gives you a chance to earn special profit based on the algorithm of analysis, from here you earn money from many currencies.

  • Forex Trading Bot
  • Crypto Trading Bot


Meet your needs

You can buy items for your daily needs from our e-commerce website, as well as exchange different types of services, which will continue to benefit each other. Here you can use different types of crypto currency.

Crypto Exchange

Buy, Sell & Trade crypto coins

On our exchange, various types of cryptocurrencies are converted into one another, exchanged, staked, traded, etc. And when you can receive your cryptocurrency in your own currency. This is a completely decentralized program

Utility Services

Essential to everyday life

Utility services are services provided by public or private organizations that are essential to everyday life, such as electricity, gas, water, and insurance etc Services. These services are generally considered to be basic necessities, and are provided by either public or private entities.

Community metaverse

virtual world for socializing, commerce, and Cooperation

A community metaverse is a virtual world where people can interact, collaborate, and create together in a shared digital space. It is a platform that enables individuals to transcend physical boundaries and connect with others from around the world, sharing experiences and creating a sense of community in a digital environment.


Digital World Community emphasizes working together and sharing knowledge to achieve common goals. Members are encouraged to collaborate with each other to solve problems and create new opportunities.


The Digital World Community values creativity and forward-thinking, and seeks to foster a culture of innovation among its members. This includes experimenting with new technologies and exploring new ways of doing things.


The Digital World Community is open to people from all backgrounds and encourages diversity in its membership. The organization is committed to creating a welcoming environment where everyone can feel valued and respected.


Medical Emergency Fund Support

In case of need of big funds for medical emergency, any member can request the community to raise funds by sending their complete reports through support.

Family Survival Fund Support

After the demise of any member, for the survival of his family, after verifying by the admin core member, the community as possible fund is to be raised through online campaigning and given to them in the form of MIS.

Education fund support

For any uncomfortable meritorious students of the society, after verifying by the admin and core members for their final admission, they are to be helped by collecting as much funds as possible by the community through online campaigning.

Marriage fund support

The arrangement for mass marriage of common adult girls is to be helped by the community by collecting funds through campaigning with the help of admin and core members.

Natural Disaster Fund Support

Funds are to be collected for natural disaster management through online campaigning with the help of community, core members and admin.

Equity Based Start-up Fund Support

Based on experience and potential any member can take interest free non refundable fund support for his/her individual project on project profit share basis with verification and cooperation of admin core member and community.

Happy Home Gurukul Startup

Under which arrangements for residential schools as well as old age homes are to be made at the state level with the cooperation of the admin core members and the community.

Campaign Program

Digital world campaigns some programs continuously and some from time to time, which helps in maintaining the values of humanity, we want you to be a part of our campaign and introduce human values.

About Us

Welcome to Digital World Community

Where a person help other person

Digital world started from a small town in the Netherlands, where it was created as a support system to help the local people. Which was later named Digital Word Support System, people were very impressed by it.

Later it was seen that people donate, they also have some expectations, so along with donation, a reward program was also started. But it was not at that time or on a very large scale. In 2019, when the whole world was in the grip of Corona virus globally, it is obvious that our country Netherlands was also badly affected by it, at that time did a lot through this donation.

Helped all the people, being influenced by it, further helped the person who helped, in this way a chain went ahead and people were very impressed by it, now it works as a crowdfund P to P support system, where a person help other person.


Digital World Community is an automation community system, of which active members are promoted based on their good deeds.

No one is in the position of boss in the digital world. Management A core committee is formed by mutual votes among its active members, which determines the management.

DWC Technology

All of our community members identify each other through a decentralized block DB. This creates a digital world community. All of our members and users have a decentralized block within themselves.

When a new member enters our world, we verify all the previous blocks and allow them entry into our world. This way, we work to add a new block to ourselves.

Join Our Meta Community

Joining the Digital World Community trust provides numerous benefits, including access to a network of like-minded individuals, opportunities to collaborate on innovative projects, and a supportive community that fosters personal and professional growth. Members also have the chance to contribute to a greater cause by advancing digital technology for the betterment of society.


Digital world community is always ready at your service 24/7 hours.